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Milena Mortati

Milena Mortati is an Italian multimedia artist.

She expresses her views and aspirations through varied medias including painting,

mixed media, photography, sculpting, video art and fashion, hence the name RAYS OF ART.


Some of her influences come from her admiration for Frida Kahlo,

American photographer Diane Arbus, love for surrealist Remedios Varo

and the bold and vibrant colors of South America all together.

Milena draws inspiration from Serbian performance artist Marina Abramovic

and identifies with the insatiable curiosity and tireless urge to create art, as Picasso put it.

She aims to explore Post-Surrealism, to reinvent the definition of beauty.

Milena started in performing artist and moved to visual art full time.

In 2016 her mixed media Series titled "VIVA VOCE" -featuring her fascination with body types- was showcased at 10 different Galleries in major cities such as

London, Zurich, Los Angeles and ended the year exhibiting at

the world's largest Art Fair called "ART BASEL MIAMI” in December.


In 2017 she traveled with her Art Installation titled "TREASURES OF THE HEART"

which launched at the AC Gallery in the heart of Hollywood, CA

and made it's first international debut in Zurich, Switzerland.


Milena is always looking to expand and find ways to push her boundaries

in different facets of the creative world and

enjoys supporting other artists and gets inspired to inspire.

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