Unique bracelets

that glorify your wrist,

fitted to your tribal vibes


Hoop Earrings adorned with a tiny made to order

Sacred Heart


Unique finds. These special Rings are as mesmerizing  as much as they are stunning. 


Find a one of a kind bold single earring as an accessory


With the special power of crystals and intention settings

for good luck & protection


One of a kind

handmade Earrings

made in twos

MISMO is a unique handmade Jewelry Line

It's name is originated from Spanish:

"MISMO" is a common word used to emphasize that things are the same! 


But MISMO Jewelry Line is far beyond that and quite the opposite,

indicating it's diversion from one accessory to the next.

Every single jewelry piece is hand crafted and never duplicated. 

All stones, beads and every knickknack have been collected over the years from various countries around the world and are used to make an original and unique piece of jewelry for every taste.


(Please not the leather used is from a Brazilian organic farm which makes use of leather after the animals natural death)

Looking to enrich, beautify, embellish, adorn and enhance your unconventionality in every sense of the word.


May it bring you great fortune, joy and represent your good luck charm whenever you wear it.


Celebrate your uniqueness with MISMO by daring to be different!

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