Get your own personalized Sacred Heart!

Just like the Sacred Heart Sculpture 

This heart is made to order


Write down you're Life Goals
Your Hearts Desire
Your Personal Vow 
Your Determinations 
Anything you want to achieve 
Or a Love Declaration to your special someone


Your personal message will then be rolled up

inserted into a special glass Vial 

Sealed with a cork

and then immortalized inside this special Sacred Heart Sculpture

made with love and sprinkled with Reiki for extra good vibes

Heart Sculpture will be signed and comes with Certificate of Authenticity


Each Sacred Heart is

Adorn by 7 Roses
Number7 is a highly spiritual number that is associated with intuition, mysticism, inner wisdom and deep inward knowing 
Encountering number 7 means that positive things are flowing freely towards you at this time

And crowned by 3 eternal Flames
Number 3 is said to have the meaning of positive affirmation
It brings the confidence you need in yourself to have faith in your purpose and your desire
3 represents the Holy Trinity of Mind Body and Spirit

Eternal Flames are the symbol of eternal life


And decorated by the 3 SugarSkulls

Representing letting go of old habits

and anything that does no longer serve you at this time

Welcoming the new beginnings and a celebration of life 
May it give you the courage to blast through any adversity

and to live and be your happiest self


Happy New Beginnings 


Material: 100% Resin

Weight: 1.5lb 

Size: 6 inches 

Color may vary from clear to milky depending on settling of resin

Personalized Sacred Heart

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