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“More valuable than the Treasures Of The Storehouse are the Treasures Of The Body,

and the Treasures Of The Heart are the most valuable of all.” 

-Nichiren Daishonin

“Treasures Of The Storehouse” refer to money. possessions and other forms of material wealth. 

“Treasures Of The Body” are skills and abilities, as well as physical health. 

“Treasures Of The Heart” are the riches that we build within our lives.

This indicates the kind of inner strength that cannot be defeated by any tribulation.

It refers to the power to live out our lives in a creative way, with constant joy, fulfillment and vitality.


Travelling Art Installation titled "Treasures Of The Heart" 

is Milena Mortati's vision of turning this profound Buddhist concept into a physical manifestation 

of the wealth accumulated by the Heart which can not be taken away by anyone or anything.

It is a reminder of what truly matters in our life...

Compassion, Love, Hope, Courage, Strength, Joy and unshakable Happiness.

An invisible treasure tower built within our hearts, glowing throughout time and space.


"Treasures Of The Heart" officially launched

July 1st at the AC Gallery in the heart of Hollywood, CA

And made it's first International debut in Zurich, Switzerland Sept 2&3, 2017

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July 1, 2017

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all photos of the event



Sept 2&3, 2017

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all photos of the event

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